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Blue Ghost Firefly Tours

Late May

A Blue Ghost Firefly tour is a not-to-be-missed Blue Ridge experience. This endemic species of firefly only flies for about three weeks at the beginning of each summer; during their peak nights, we'll take you for a magical walk through a Blue Ghost "fairy village" and explain their fascinating natural history. In optimal conditions, we will also view "Dismalites" (Orfelia fultoni), a rarely-seen predatory fly larva who use their glow to lure other insects.

Blue Ghost Fireflies "Searching for Love" by Spencer Black, as seen on guided night walk

"Searching for Love" by Spencer Black |

Later in the summer, nightwalks will include searches for foxfire (phosphorescent fungi), glowworms, owls, spider eyes, and other nocturnal lights and delights.  


Custom Night Walks: April-September

Blue Ghosts: May

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