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Frequently Asked Questions

What about kids? Are Snakeroot outings family friendly?   

Most Snakeroot ecotours are family friendly; we believe that kids should be outside as much as possible. Indeed, we've made a conscious effort to keep the outings affordable for families. Naturalist Walks are accessible to anyone over the age of 7 who can walk a couple miles with ease. Guided hikes and Adventures tend to require greater fitness, but they are also custom-tailored, so family adventures are easy to arrange. Children younger than 7 are generally too young to reap the full rewards of our offerings. 

How are outings priced?  

Standard rates for scheduled outings can be found on the Registration/Calendar page. Kids 7-12 are free. Youth, ages 12-17, are half price. Custom guided hikes involve paying a higher price for the first adult. Each additional adult is priced at the standard rate.   


What should I wear?  

Wear clothes that are practical and comfortable. No matter what trip you are on, expect to get water on your feet and dirt on your clothes. Guided hikes have a detailed clothing and packing list that will be shared with you after registration. 


What about the weather?  

All of our tours take place in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and being out in nature means being exposed to the weather. Please pay attention to the forecast but be aware that mountain weather is highly variable. We are blessed with a rather moderate climate, but in the spring it can be cold and windy, in the summer it may be hot and humid, and it may rain on any day of the year. As for cancellations, we will make the call (usually only for extreme conditions) and you will get a full refund. 


What about foraging?   

Will we learn about wild edibles?  At Snakeroot, we are firm believers in an “eat something wild everyday” ethos. Eating wild plants, animals, and fungi is an important way to connect to nature and instigate our curiosity towards other species. However, we also believe that wild plants and fungi should be appreciated for what they offer to the world in beauty, in complexity, and for each species' essential role in an intricate and coherent ecosystem. If you ask, we will tell you what is safe to taste and we will instruct you on ethical harvesting techniques; but learning about edible plants is generally not the focus of a Snakeroot ecotour.

Can I bring my dog(s)?  

We love dogs, but don't welcome them on our outings. Even the best behaved dogs tend to distract from the experience and can run off wildlife and trample delicate plants. 

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