If you don't see a date on the calendar, please email or call about setting up a custom hike. 

Naturalist Walks (~2 hrs):

Standard tickets for walks are $30/adult.

Bog Walks and Night Walks are $40/adult.

Custom Walks (~2 hrs): 

Daytime Naturalist Walk: $30 each adult ($120 minimum).

Night Walks: $40 each additional adult ($180 minimum, $350 cap)

Youth/Child Pricing for outings:

Youth (ages 12-17) are half price

Children (7-11) are free on most tours 

with accompanying adults.

Half Day Adventures (3-4 hrs):

3-Waterfall Hike                   $40/adult

Cloud Forest Hike                 $50/adult

Sliding Rock Hike                  $50/adult

Hidden Creek Old Growth   $60/adult

All Half Day Adventures have a $160 minimum.

$300 cap (8-10 adults).

Full Day Custom Adventure (7-8 hrs): $60/adult

($250 minimum/$480 cap).