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A4VSG Hydraulic Pump for drilling machine

Eaton A4VSG Pump replaces WZL3-60/125-T-R/P

rexorth A4VSG Hydraulic Pump is a compact, high-efficiency pump that delivers power, reliability and durability. The miniature design has been optimized to minimize size and weight while maintaining superior performance. The Eaton A4VSG pump can be used with Eaton electric motors or other manufacturers' motors as part of a complete motorized solution.

The Eaton A4VSG is an oil-lubricated, hermetically sealed unit incorporating an internal relief valve. It is capable of handling air line pressures up to 100 bar (1450 psi) and has an operating temperature range of -20°C to +60°C (–4°F to +140°F).

The Eaton A4VSG hydraulic pump replaces WZL3-60/125-T-R/P

Eaton A4VSG Pump replaces KBC-62

This is a genuine Eaton A4VSG Series pump. The Eaton A4VSG Series pumps are designed to handle the high pressure and volume requirements of mobile equipment used in the oil and gas industry. They have been engineered to provide reliable performance in harsh environments while minimizing power consumption. The Eaton A4VSG Series is a full range of positive displacement, variable displacement hydraulic pumps that deliver up to 20 GPM at 4,000 PSI with flow rates up to 12 GPM at 4,000 PSI. They are available in either single or double acting configurations with pressures up to 4000 psi (27 bar).

The Eaton A4VSGs use an advanced 3-stage design for smooth operation and long life. Oil ports are located on top of the casing to help protect against contamination. A large capacity piston provides maximum flow at lower pressures, resulting in reduced horsepower requirements compared with conventional designs. The unique design allows for quick changeover from drilling mode to well service (pumpout) mode without changing parts or tools making these pumps ideal for rental service applications.

Eaton A4VSG Pump replaces KBC-63T

The Eaton A4VSG Hydraulic Pump is a replacement for the KBC-63T. The Eaton A4VSG is a high pressure, high flow, solid state hydraulic pump. This pump has an operating pressure range of 1000 to 14000 psi (69 to 100 MPa). High pressure capability and low noise level make this pump ideal for use on industrial drilling rigs, rock saws, draglines and other heavy duty equipment. This rugged solid state hydraulic pump provides superior performance over electric motors and gearbox driven pumps.

The Eaton A4VSG Solid State Hydraulic Pump is designed to handle severe duty applications where high pressures are required at low RPMs. The Eaton A4VSG provides improved reliability by reducing maintenance costs associated with mechanical wear on seals and bearings.


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